The “Ganischger’s ¾ board Plus+” leaves no wish unfulfilled

With the “Ganischger’s ¾ Board Plus+” you have free choice for your culinary well-being not only in our Hotel. According to your desires and your rhythm, without stress, you can enjoy the best from our kitchens at the Gardoné, Ganischgeralm and Platzl Mountain Lounge. Nothing can stop you from enjoying the most varied holiday experience “As you like it”

„Live what you love and only as you like it“

In the heart of the Dolomites, in the quaint Eggental, surrounded by Catinaccio / Rosengarten and Latemar, once upon a time, lived the „Ganis“, known far and wide for their warm hospitality.

The „Ganis“ created a comfortable kingdom in one of the most beautiful places, surrounded by meadows and peace, where they had the chance to cuddle their guests and to surprise them every day. And, because the Ganis were a lively and popular company, fun-loving and never bored, they found several “secret places” where to take their guests to offer them great music and plenty of entertainment.

People came from miles around to spend funny and relaxing moments with the „Ganis“

One day a stranger arrived in Eggental. He had already travelled half the world, but until then, he never found what he was looking for: the perfect combination between variety and peace, luxury and nature, pleasure and simplicity. Restless he walked on the shores of Carezza Lake, where, suddenly a fairy appeared from the turquoise waves of the lake. Shaking her head, she looked at him and talked to him in a crystal clear voice:

„Live what you love, create your space,

for your dreams, enjoy every moment,

with all the senses, only as you like it …

The stranger was first taken aback, but then he realized that this was the key to his goal. And suddenly he felt arrived and ready to fully enjoy his life.

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The Ganischgerhof: your hotel for hiking Dolomites

Hiking in the most beautiful mountains of the world in the heart of the Dolomites

Enjoy your hike holiday in the heart of the Dolomites, between the Catinaccio and the Latemar Massive.

The Eggental, embraced from the UNESCO World Heritage, is one of the most beautiful hike region of the South Tyrol. 530 km of paths, through huts, hills and meadows.
For those, who prefer to climb even more higher, can find many excursions starting close from our Hotel for Hiking Dolomites. Breathtaking views are guaranteed. During your hike you can also have a break in one of the typical huts, to taste the farmer cutting board, with bread and Speck.

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What about a guided tour?
Klaus and Georg Pichler, the expert guides of your Hotel for Hiking Dolomites, are pleased to share with you the experience of a tour all together, and to show you the best of their mountains.
Our 360° Hike Service offers you, if you need it, even the trekking equipment and a lunch package. Take advantage with our Ganis Hike Shuttle Service, to go from the Hike Hotel in the Dolomites to the tours.

And, our Hike Hotel in the Dolomites, can give you some tips and advices to many tours for every difficulty levels: from climbing for the mountaineers experts to the short and funny tours for families (even for strollers) and for the older – a walk to discover the Latemarium or the herbal hike and mountain experience hike.

The varied and interesting Hike Week Programme of the Hike Hotel in the Dolomites has for sure the offer you are looking for.
We recommend you to try the experience of the Ganis Sunrise excursion organized by us. Watching at the sun that rises from 2.000 meters is a must. Thanks to the Ganis Hike Shuttle Service, you can easily reach the Ganischgeralm, and from here, after a little walk, the look out point called Passo Feudo.

After the amazing experience of the sun rising, al together back in the Ganischgeralm to enjoy a typical mountain breakfast.

Your most varied hiking holiday experience in the Dolomites.

Only at the Ganischgerhof the hotel for hiking Dolomites you can experience the most varied and entertaining holiday. Worldwide unique nature, innumerable sports and leisure activities, interesting people, unique and varied gastronomy, hospitality, wellness and a lot of hiking services:

  • Insider tour with Klaus and Georg Pichler
  • Guided excursions following the weekly hike program
  • Information evening
  • Deposit and dryer zone for equipment
  • Hiking tours maps
  • Fresh spring water
  • Ganis Hiking Shuttle Service
  • Lunch service by request
  • Equipment at your disposal – backpack, water bottle, nordic-walking poles

The Eggental-Val d’Ega region, in the heart of the Dolomites, UNESCO Natural Heritage, offers you countless hiking paths with different difficulty levels (more than 530 km of paths). The Ganischgerhof hotel for hiking Dolomites is located in the center of this breathtaking area.

What a better way to keep fit, immersing in the incredible scenery of the natural landscapes, than have a mountain walk?

This is the right sport for everyone and for every budget.

We can suggest you both easy tours, as for example the Latemarium, the ideal path to experience the mountain with kids, even in the stroller, and grandparents as well; and more demanding tours, as the railroads (via ferrata), for those, which are reckless and right equipped.

Sunrise Excursion

Each week you can choose from a wide hiking program, among we suggest you the guided sunrise excursion which

For this amazing excursion, our Ganis Hiking Shuttle Service starts directly from the Ganischgerhof and takes you to the Ganischgeralm, 2.050 meters above the sea level.

From the Ganischgeralm, a little walk makes you reach the Passo Feudo, from where you can enjoy the spectacle of the sun rising behind the mountains.

Then, let’s go back to the Ganischgeralm to have a typical mountain breakfast in the mountain hut.

Ganis hike weekly program

Our Guests can choose from a weekly hike program:

  • Mondays – Guided excursion in the UNESCO natural heritage at GEOPARC Bletterbach with the guide & geologist Irene
  • Tuesdays – Guided excursion to “Haniger Schwaige” with our guide Ernst
  • Wednesdays – Excursion in the nature with our with our witch Irene
  • Thursdays – Sunrise Excursion with typical mountain breakfast at Ganischgeralm led by Georg Pichler
  • Fridays – Guided excursion at the “Forcella dei Camosci” with our guide Ernst

Attention: the weekly program may vary


km of paths


Exciting themes and adventure tours


weekly guided excursions

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