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With the “Ganischger’s ¾ Board Plus+” you have free choice for your culinary well-being not only in our Hotel. According to your desires and your rhythm, without stress, you can enjoy the best from our kitchens at the Gardoné, Ganischgeralm and Platzl Mountain Lounge. Nothing can stop you from enjoying the most varied holiday experience “As you like it”

„Live what you love and only as you like it“

In the heart of the Dolomites, in the quaint Eggental, surrounded by Catinaccio / Rosengarten and Latemar, once upon a time, lived the „Ganis“, known far and wide for their warm hospitality.

The „Ganis“ created a comfortable kingdom in one of the most beautiful places, surrounded by meadows and peace, where they had the chance to cuddle their guests and to surprise them every day. And, because the Ganis were a lively and popular company, fun-loving and never bored, they found several “secret places” where to take their guests to offer them great music and plenty of entertainment.

People came from miles around to spend funny and relaxing moments with the „Ganis“

One day a stranger arrived in Eggental. He had already travelled half the world, but until then, he never found what he was looking for: the perfect combination between variety and peace, luxury and nature, pleasure and simplicity. Restless he walked on the shores of Carezza Lake, where, suddenly a fairy appeared from the turquoise waves of the lake. Shaking her head, she looked at him and talked to him in a crystal clear voice:

„Live what you love, create your space,

for your dreams, enjoy every moment,

with all the senses, only as you like it …

The stranger was first taken aback, but then he realized that this was the key to his goal. And suddenly he felt arrived and ready to fully enjoy his life.

Welcome at Ganis Ganischgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA

Discover the whole Ganis-world

• Organisation manager: Klaus Pichler / Ganischgerhof
• Race director: Karlheinz Schott
• Jury member: Karlheinz Schott / Markus Pichler

The overall length of the 15th Eggentaler Herbst Classic is about 422 km and is subdivided in the prologue and 4 stages with equality and target times tests. On speci c selected parts of the tour no tests are made to give the participants the possibility to enjoy the beautiful landscape. The start interval between the vehicles is 1 minute – each team receives 1 road book and the necessary board cards.

A driver, wishing to enter a vehicle for this event must ensure that, at the date of scrutineering and for the duration of the event, his vehicle is legal admitted for the countries through which the event will be going. The organizer may refuse the participation of a vehicle which doesn’t comply with the spirit and appearance of the periods. The organizer may combine and/or subdivide any period’s classi cation.

I until 31.12.1930
II 1.1.1931 – 31.12.1945

III 1.1.1946 – 31.12.1965
IV 1.1.1966 – 31.12.1985

Special class:
V Replica (is not evaluated in the overall standings)

VI only mechanical and electromechanical odometers with analog display and mechanical chronograph are permitted

Freedom is given from the organizer in accordance of the FIA / FIVA rules for historic rallies about the use of odometers (trip masters) and other electronic equipments.
The organizer reserves the right to essential modifications of the program.

Organizer: Ganischger Srl
Of ce: Ganischgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA ****S / Klaus Pichler
Schwarzenbach 22, I-39050 Deutschnofen
T. +39 (0471) 616504, E-mail:
Application closing date: When the max. number of participants is reached (90 teams).

The entry fee for each vehicle is € 2.291 (see offers in program)
Refund: Only after payment of the deposit the registration is valid.
In case of cancellation by the participant the deposit will not be refunded.

By submitting the application form, the driver recognizes the provisions unconditionally.

Competition numbers must be placed throughout the entire event on both sides of the vehicle.
The organizer is not responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by placing the competition numbers.

In case of accompanying person, day tickets and guest tickets for the evening events can be bought by e-mail:

The organizer stipulates a public-liability insurance for an amount of e 3.000.000 for any damage suffered by people or things and of an amount of e 3.000.000 for property damages.

First driver, second driver and vehicle owner take part in the event at their own risk. They take charge of penal- and public-liability for any damage caused by them or the vehicle they use. With the delivery of the registration, first driver and second driver waive any claim to the organizer and the other involved subjects. The disclaimer declaration has to be subscribed at the documentation delivery (administrative check).

First driver and second driver take charge of respecting the organizer’s entire disposal, the race manager and the delegates. With the delivery of the entry fees, first driver and second driver give their consent, for their sponsor as well, to the organizer to record all the activities connected with the event and divulge them through public Medias or other channels, without them to waive any claim to the organizer or the Medias. The pictures public by the organizer have to be free from any third right and can be used by the organizer. The copyright of the entire event is an organizer property.

Each team which does not observe the road traffic regulations is subject to the following penalties:
a) 1st infringement – deduction of 100 points
b) 2nd infringement – deduction of 300 points
c) 3rd infringement – disqualification

Exceeding the permitted maximum speed by the road traffic regulations by more than 50% may also result in disqualification. In the case of any infringement of the road traffic regulations by a participating rally team, the infringement recording police (Carabinieri, Polizia Stradale) must penalize the culprit like any other common road user.

– Each team receives at the start the time cards. These have to be restituted at the TC’s of the leg ends.
– Each team is personal responsible to the time card. The loss of the time card brings the exclusion for the team.

Disqualification of the participants
• To deliberately block the passage of competing
• To prevent or to forestall the overtaking of other vehicles
• To behave in an unsportsmanlike manner

Starting interval: Between the vehicles will be 1 minute (subject to change)

Control posts:
Time controls (TC): For checking of the equalized driving and for preservation of the organization as well as for finishing and start of a leg will be installed time controls (TC) on different points on the route. The exactly positions of all TC’s and the desired leg times are mentioned in the road book and the drivers have to know it.
Passage controls (PC): By means of the passage controls the organizer surveys that the teams adhere to the default rally route exactly. The positions of the PC’s are not known by the drivers.
For each passage control you get 20 points.
Secret equability time controls (STC): During equability tests the requested average velocity is controlled, measure the prede ned time of the target time tests. During target time tests there are no secret average velocity controls.

The length of the parts for the equability tests is usually between 1 and 10km. The time measurement is made via time printer, light barriers and tubes

Deviation of the target time during target time and equability tests:
+/- 0.00 to 0.29 seconds             20 Points
+/- 0.30 to 0.69 seconds             18 Points
+/- 0.70 to 1.19 seconds             16 Points
+/- 1.20 to 1.69 seconds             14 Points
+/- 1.70 to 2.39 seconds             12 Points
+/- 2.40 to 3.09 seconds             10 Points
+/- 3.10 to 4.09 seconds               8 Points
+/- 4.10 to 5.09 seconds               6 Points
+/- 5.10 to 6.49 seconds               4 Points
+/- 6.50 to 7.99 seconds               2 Points
From +/- 8.00 seconds                 0 Points

Deviation of the target time during light barriers and tube tests:
+/- 0.00 to 0.09 seconds            20 Points
+/- 0.10 to 0.19 seconds            18 Points
+/- 0.20 to 0.29 seconds            16 Points
+/- 0.30 to 0.49 seconds            14 Points
+/- 0.50 to 0.69 seconds            12 Points
+/- 0.70 to 0.89 seconds            10 Points
+/- 0.90 to 1.09 seconds              8 Points
+/- 1.10 to 1.29 seconds              6 Points
+/- 1.30 to 1.59 seconds              4 Points
+/- 1.60 to 1.99 seconds              2 Points
From +/- 2.00 seconds                0 Points

The winners are the participants with most points. If two have the same points, the older vehicle is the winner. Winners are determined in different classi cations (Point 3) and one winner of all classi cations (I-IV).

For each Passage Control you get 10 points.

Factor for the year of construction:
Until 1930        score multiplied by year factor of 1.15
1931 – 1945     score multiplied by year factor of 1.10
1946 – 1965    score multiplied by year factor of 1.05
1966 – 1985      no year factor

No kind of protests are permissible. A written petition containing the number of the equability test and the start number can be sent to the race director for the control certain times.

Any type of obstruction as well as unforeseen events are bad luck in the rally and no changes of the results will be made.

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