The “Ganischger’s ¾ board Plus+” leaves no wish unfulfilled

With the “Ganischger’s ¾ Board Plus+” you have free choice for your culinary well-being not only in our Hotel. According to your desires and your rhythm, without stress, you can enjoy the best from our kitchens at the Gardoné, Ganischgeralm and Platzl Mountain Lounge. Nothing can stop you from enjoying the most varied holiday experience “As you like it”

„Live what you love and only as you like it“

In the heart of the Dolomites, in the quaint Eggental, surrounded by Catinaccio / Rosengarten and Latemar, once upon a time, lived the „Ganis“, known far and wide for their warm hospitality.

The „Ganis“ created a comfortable kingdom in one of the most beautiful places, surrounded by meadows and peace, where they had the chance to cuddle their guests and to surprise them every day. And, because the Ganis were a lively and popular company, fun-loving and never bored, they found several “secret places” where to take their guests to offer them great music and plenty of entertainment.

People came from miles around to spend funny and relaxing moments with the „Ganis“

One day a stranger arrived in Eggental. He had already travelled half the world, but until then, he never found what he was looking for: the perfect combination between variety and peace, luxury and nature, pleasure and simplicity. Restless he walked on the shores of Carezza Lake, where, suddenly a fairy appeared from the turquoise waves of the lake. Shaking her head, she looked at him and talked to him in a crystal clear voice:

„Live what you love, create your space,

for your dreams, enjoy every moment,

with all the senses, only as you like it …

The stranger was first taken aback, but then he realized that this was the key to his goal. And suddenly he felt arrived and ready to fully enjoy his life.

Welcome at Ganis Ganischgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA

Discover the whole Ganis-world

E-bike holidays in South Tyrol at bike hotel Ganischgerhof

Half effort and full pleasure is our motto by an e-bike Holiday in South Tyrol in Eggental in the Dolomites

Enjoy an e-bike Holiday South Tyrol in the Dolomites in one of the most beautiful bike Regions in the Alps.
With an e-bike Holiday in the bike hotel Ganischgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA you are the best hands.
With our 2 certified bike guides, you find also the top competences, that not only leads and motivates you, but also gives you the right insider tipps to explore the “mountain bike paradies” in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage – Rosengarten Latemar.

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Even if you are a beginner or a pro with an e-bike Holiday in South Tyrol you will find what you are looking for. Try the experience following our motto “half effort – full pleasure” to discover the most beautiful corner of our bike Region and have a look on the beauty of the nature.

E-bike testing and living amazing experiences with your e-bike on 1.000 mt on the sea level and more, or following our bike guides or the GPS disposals to the most beautiful places of this region. Our at least 4 e-bike tours a week, chosen from our bike weekly programme are an additional alternative and offer, beside the Bike Experience, the spirit of sharing between the two wheels enthusiasts.

So whether with a guide, with your prartner or friends, the e-bike holiday will be an experience for your body, mind and soul.


km bike and e-bike trails


Professional bike Rentals with e-bike Service


certified bike guide

E-bike holiday Advantages by us

E-bike holiday is healthy, keep fit and, above all, funny

Not only the fun of some sport in the amazing landscapes of the Dolomites, but also a lot of advantages are waiting for you with the e-bike holiday in South Tyrol in the Dolomites.

E-bike is not only a modern means of transportation, but also a personal trainer.
This is due to the fact that the driver’s weight is relatively low and therefore always runs in the optimal heartbeat range, whereas on the normal mountain bike, especially in the mountains, it is often too much. The E-biker therefore has the heartbeats and cardio-vascular system in the optimal range, which also promises exceptionally high and constant calorie burning. An e-bike holiday in South Tyrol is not only fun, but you train muscles and joints and keep fit.

Another important thing about the e-bike is the experience. No more afraid about a long tour with significant elevation gain. Your e-bike will certainly help you. Enjoy the help of your powerful two-wheeler and master the most beautiful tours and trails according to the motto half-effort – full pleasure.

The same way of living the freetime will change in your e-bike holiday in South Tyrol. Is your partner a trained cyclis and you are not? This time you can follow him/her thanks to the e-bike, to share with him/her long tours and live together an unforgettable bike experience.

E-bike Holiday with quality guarantee

The “BikeHotels South Tyrol” offers you hospitality, tour advices and excellent guiding. As a partner of this group, the bike hotel Ganischgerhof Mountainresort & SPA is a top address for your e-bike holiday in South Tyrol.

In this map you will find many bike tours suggestet by BikeHotels South Tyrol for your e-bike Holiday in South Tyrol in the Dolomites. For your bike tours you can have a look on this map, follow one of our guides, use one of our GPS device or have a look on the routes directy from your Smartphone.

E-Bike Pro directly in hotel

Since 2014 the Ganischgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA has
1 qualified bike guide available in hotel: Klaus

Bikehotel Dolomiten - Bikehotel Obereggen - Eggental - Bikeurlaub Eggental Dolomiten, Bikeguide Klaus Pichler Mountainbike Hotel Dolomiten
Klaus Pichler
Concentrated bike competence and passion characterize Klaus from Ganischgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA. He has been a certified bikeguide since 2014, e-bike technology and freak since 2016 and co-founder of Bikeschool Eggental. He is there to help our guests with advice and Action.

Areas: Deutschnofen, Eggental, Dolomites
Activities: bike guide and Hotelier
Hobbies: cycling, skiing, diving, golfing
Languages: german, italian, english, french
Favourite tour: tour around Latemar

Breathtaking e-bike tours
in the UNESCO World Heritage - Rosengarten Latemar

The bike region Eggental is the ideal place for your e-bike holiday South Tyrol in the Dolomites

Also with the e-bike you will have an embarrassing wealth of options in the hotel for bike Ganischgerhof. Countless tours starting directly from the hotel, and more than 300 km of e-bike and bike tours from Welschnofen, Deutschnofen, Steinegg, Obereggen and the lake of Carezza.

The bike Region Eggental, with ist tour 800 m above the sea level, is the ideal place to visit the Dolomites and to make the first experiences with the e-bike. Above all this, you can also use the Lifts to arrive to the top of the mountains and enjoy the amazing summer views from above.

Also those who like an active holiday can come by us with all their staff. So, grab your bicicle and spend an e-bike holiday in South Tyrol in the Dolomites; funny and breath taking tours and trails are waiting for you!

Ganischgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA
epowered by Bosch

We have been partner of a cooperation Group called BikeHotels South Tyrol since 2016, “epowered by Bosch” certificated. This means that you will find in our hotel non only the top qualitiy e-bikes and unforgettable e-bike experiences, but also experties and know-how for the one, who wants to spend an e-bike holiday, wether beginner or pro.

In collaboration with Bosch we offer you:


  • Guarantee know-how in hotel through the products informations and obligatory participation in training courses on the product and obligatory e-bike driving technique training for guides by qualified persons.
  • Info Flyers for the correct handling of the e-bike as well as for the special e-bike tour planning with behavioral tips etc.
  • Tour maps with special tours for e-bikers.
  • Bike weekly program with at leats 4 eMTB tours a week.
  • 4 to 7 overnight stays offers with technique courses for beginner and pro.


  • Professional E-Bike rental with special condition and top-quality e-bikes
  • Electrical sockets in hotel / in the bike garage
  • Road assistance in the event of irreparable defects that do not affect the warranty

Bosch Ralph Klohs (2)


Pictures: Ganischgerhof, Bikehotels Südtirol, Ghost-Bikes GmbH
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