The “Ganischger’s ¾ board Plus+” leaves no wish unfulfilled

With the “Ganischger’s ¾ Board Plus+” you have free choice for your culinary well-being not only in our Hotel. According to your desires and your rhythm, without stress, you can enjoy the best from our kitchens at the Gardoné, Ganischgeralm and Platzl Mountain Lounge. Nothing can stop you from enjoying the most varied holiday experience “As you like it”

„Live what you love and only as you like it“

In the heart of the Dolomites, in the quaint Eggental, surrounded by Catinaccio / Rosengarten and Latemar, once upon a time, lived the „Ganis“, known far and wide for their warm hospitality.

The „Ganis“ created a comfortable kingdom in one of the most beautiful places, surrounded by meadows and peace, where they had the chance to cuddle their guests and to surprise them every day. And, because the Ganis were a lively and popular company, fun-loving and never bored, they found several “secret places” where to take their guests to offer them great music and plenty of entertainment.

People came from miles around to spend funny and relaxing moments with the „Ganis“

One day a stranger arrived in Eggental. He had already travelled half the world, but until then, he never found what he was looking for: the perfect combination between variety and peace, luxury and nature, pleasure and simplicity. Restless he walked on the shores of Carezza Lake, where, suddenly a fairy appeared from the turquoise waves of the lake. Shaking her head, she looked at him and talked to him in a crystal clear voice:

„Live what you love, create your space,

for your dreams, enjoy every moment,

with all the senses, only as you like it …

The stranger was first taken aback, but then he realized that this was the key to his goal. And suddenly he felt arrived and ready to fully enjoy his life.

Welcome at Ganis Ganischgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA

Discover the whole Ganis-world

Holiday with dog South Tyrol

Enjoy an amazing holiday with dog here in our hotel in the Dolomites

Spend your Holiday with dog South Tyrol Here in Ganischgerhof! You don’t need do worry about where to leave him/her, or to ask dog-sitting to your parents, relatives or ask a kennel.

Now think about having a holiday with your dog, imagine your arrival at Ganischgerhof. You park your car, open the trunk, taking not only your luggage, but also your dog, who will jump up and down happy of being with his/her owner.

At Ganischgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA well educated dogs (and owners) are welcome. Spend your holiday with dogs in the Dolomites in our hotel and you will see how funny and relaxing it can be.

The opportunity of being in the open air with the dog are countless. You just need to have a look out from the hotels’ door to see fields, woods, paths, streets where you can walk, run and have fun with “Fido”. Also during the winter time you will have fun spendig a skiing holiday with your dog at Ganischgerhof. We can also organize a dog sitter on request for you, so you can spend a skiing day without stress and thinking about the weelbeeing of your dog. A holiday with dogs Dolomites shouldn’t be complicated, just feel free to ask our staff for further informations about holiday with dog.
The rooms are big enough to share them with him/her.

Obviously, open the doors to dogs, means also follow some easy rules for “good neighborliness”:

you are kindly requested to pick up what your dog leaves behind

you can stay with him/her everywhere you prefer, except for the SPA zone

you can eat with your dog at your foot wherever you like in the hotel, except for the Restaurant.


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