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Eggentaler Herbst Classic 2020: The voices of the participants

The weather. The track. The atmosphere. The food. The participants of the Eggentaler Herbst Classic are full of praise for us. Which makes us very happy, but also motivates us to raise the bar a little higher every year.


Tatjana Assmus: “I have been driving rallies for six years, have already been to Argentina, have driven almost all Italian rallies, many in Germany as well. But I fell in love with the Eggentaler Herbst Classic last year when I was there for the first time. And that’s why it was clear that I would come back this year with my husband. I think it’s fantastic that the safety concept, which requires that everyone takes a Corona rapid test, gives us a good feeling.”

Alice Leuenberger and Pierre Gerber: “We are here for the third time, and we always come for a whole week to play a little golf before the rally or to go shopping in Bolzano. We think the hotel here is simply super beautiful, because everyone is very obliging and hospitable. We also feel very safe here during the Corona phase, because the people really look after each other and behave considerately.”

Michaela and Jürgen Blatter: “This is our second time at the Eggentaler Herbst Classic and we actually have a lot of rally experience, but we still made use of the information session with track manager Karlheinz Schott to ask a few more questions. And you still learn a few important details. For example, how important it is to take bends on the right, because that can make a difference of up to 15 metres. And given the track layout here with the many hairpin bends, that’s an important factor in cut tests. Apart from all the fun here, we have a bit of ambition, especially since we are also entered in the team classification – and of course you don’t want to be the worst in that respect.”

Sabine and Stefan Kunze: “We are at the Eggentaler Herbst Classic for the first time because we became aware of the event through a flyer – and then found the presentation of the rally with photos, information and website incredibly good. We then took our time to look at it all and thought: South Tyrol and an event like this – that’s where we have to go. We don’t expect to end up far ahead, but we are very happy to be part of it. Moving classic cars through this landscape – it couldn’t be more beautiful.”

Karlheinz Schott, EHC route manager: “As every year, we have an interesting track with challenging stages – and I think it’s really good that the event is accompanied by a test concept that takes away fears in these difficult times and gives the participants a feeling of security among themselves”.


Klaus Pichler, EHC organiser: “The first day was already sensational. Months before the EHC, I was already sure that with a well planned safety concept we would be able to organise one of the few rallies this year at all. But none of this would have been possible if the participants had not registered. And the fact that we are fully booked again this year fills me with gratitude.”


Matthias Targa and Klaus Thalmann, winery Schreckbichl: “Perfect weather, beautiful cars, beautiful region. It could hardly be better. We come from this region and therefore know the area well. But the Eggentaler Herbst Classic is a new experience for us every year. It’s just a pity that there are many rally enthusiasts in our winery, which is why we share a car and each team of two can only drive on one day at a time.”


Roland Antholzer:  “The panorama is enormous, the track is great again and we have a lot of fun. I’ve been taking part in the Eggentaler Herbst Classic every year from the very beginning, also because I’m a good friend of Klaus Pichler. If the weather is right, it’s always a great event – especially if the cars are keeping up (laughs). The fact that we have to wear masks this year and take care of each other is no longer a nuisance – we have got used to it by now.”

Angelika and Stefan Flohr: “We are just happy because it was extremely cool. The course was pure madness. The mountains here are like monuments set into the landscape – which is unique in the whole world. We think it’s absolutely fascinating, and we really enjoy it. With our Fiat 500 we are unfortunately a bit slower than the others, so we don’t really have time to stop and take pictures. But on the other hand, we have the pure go-kart feeling in the curves.”

Janine Franssen as well as Elina, Thomas und Laurenz Feierabend: “For many years we have been taking part in the Eggentaler Herbst Classic every now and then – this time with two cars. The fact that we can start at the very front this time is perfect, because we then have less overtaking – our cars run really fast. We have a father and son as well as a mother and daughter team – which of course has the advantage that we could also win in the women’s classification … The tracks are beautiful – and Klaus always chooses the perfect locations for the espresso stops and lunch breaks.”

Nicole and Christoph Weiland (shortly before the start): “We are really looking forward to the next days, enjoy the best weather and are curious about what to expect – and a little excitement is of course also part of it, because that’s why we are here”.

Ute Müller: “The atmosphere is great, the weather is great. It couldn’t be better than what we have here right now. What more do we actually want?”

Peter Schmid: “I am incredibly looking forward to lots of fun, good food, good people and good special stages despite the special situation.”

Thomas Wünsche: “This is the second time we are participating in the rally. We are looking forward to a spectacular route again, a little more restrained to the event because of the special situation, but all the more to seeing many people again whom we met last year. And of course we are happy that the weather will be so nice again”.

Wolfgang Gallmetzer: “In any case, I find it pretty loud in the car at times. Although I don’t really know whether it’s the engine or my co-driver (laughs).”

Jürgen Strasser (on the second day): “This morning it was still a bit cold – but the track was great as always. And when the sun came out at the latest, it was really fun.”

Thomas Dänzel: “Everything here is going great. Great cars, great weather, great track, great atmosphere. We could still improve a little bit during the stages. But the machine runs well – it couldn’t be better. This is the second time we’ve participated – and we’ll definitely come back next year.”

Sascha Wilhelm: “It’s amazing! I don’t know how Klaus always manages, but the tracks he chooses are always fantastic. I was even lucky today to have no other car in front of me for ten minutes – and then it’s just great fun. This is our second year in the race. And you can book us for next year too.”

Andrea and Axel Prym: “We arrived well, that’s actually always the main thing – and we had a lot of fun. The Eggentaler Herbst Classic is the most beautiful rally we know. And this year it was also the only one for us.”

Ursula Sutter: “It was fantastic as always. The weather was bombastic, the people super cool, the landscape beautiful and the food irresistible. We were there for the sixth time in a row and have already registered for next year. Because it is simply a must to be here.”

Nicole and Christoph Weiland (at the finish line): “It was exciting and entertaining with beautiful drives. We come from the mountains too, but we really have to say that it is incredibly beautiful here in South Tyrol. The landscape is fantastic, the food is good, the people are nice – what more could you ask for. We will definitely come back – and that we want to look good at the Concours d’Élegance is a matter of honour. We come from Basel, and that’s how it should be.”

Magda Pardeller (with skis in the car):

“We expected it to snow today – and that’s why we wanted to have all the equipment with us right away, so that we could get down from the passes easily (laughs).”

Lena Etthöfer and Walter Münch: “This is the first time that we have driven together as a team in the Quattro at the EHC, we come from the same area and are in the same motorsport club. The roads were really beautiful – and to blow up with the powerful car – that’s a lot of fun!”


Photos: Jens Vögele | 360°-Kommunikation

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