Loox Alpine Club Obereggen Eggental

LOOX is not a place, it’s a feeling

Going out at the new LOOX Club in the Dolomites – Obereggen

The new location LOOX – The Alpine Club at the valley station in Obereggen is unique both in terms of architecture and in conception and is considered the new vibrant hotspot in the Eggental Valley. Going out in Obereggen in the Dolomites has never been so entertaining. The spectacular architecture of the innovative après-ski venue, with its flowing lines embedded at the foot of the Latemar right next to the slopes, creates space for three different areas inside.

Upon entering, the first thing that catches the eye is the Main Bar, which is the heart of LOOX and is laid out around the central, supporting column of the building. The wooden shingles convey the connection to local materials – modernly staged.

On the right there is the Sky Privée, where lounge islands rise slightly upwards like in an amphitheatre. From here you have a unique overview of the entire location, making it the perfect place to party with a group of friends.

The third area is the Lounge, which is located behind the raised glass façade and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding panorama. This area is a cosy retreat within LOOX.

The concept

The synergy between the innovative architecture, the sophisticated event programme, creative gastronomic concepts and a unique light and sound show will create unforgettable moments for each and every visitor.

…that the architecture of the building was also the source of inspiration for the name LOOX, which is a combination of “looking” and “lux”? “Looking” stands for the all-round view in and out of the venue, which makes the mountains and nature tangible even inside, while the illuminance “lux” functions as a sign for the innovative lighting concept of the venue.