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Hotel Ganischgerhof Deutschnofen Dolomiten Südtirol

A lot of wood in front of the hut

Walter, Benjamin and Klaus used their time during Corona to clean up the forest thoroughly. And, at the same time, to steel their upper bodies.

It is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets at the Ganischgerhof at the moment how the upper bodies of Walter, Klaus and Benjamin look like. They are a little shy, but if you let the facts speak for themselves, they should be able to flex their muscles like never before.

The three Pichlers from three generations actually take care of their land every year – and that includes a large area of forest. But when normal business is going on, their time is obviously limited.

In special years like 2020, however, when Corona pretty much shook everything up, the three of them tidied up properly. “In total, we were in the forest for almost eleven weeks,” Klaus tells us. Five weeks in spring – and another six weeks in autumn until the big snowfall at the beginning of December.

But the reason for this, apart from Corona, was also the storm Vaia, which destroyed a total of about 1000 hectares of forest in Eggental in October 2018. “Ten hectares of it were on our property,” says Klaus. With the help of a professional company and winches, they thinned out about 400 solid metres of wood in spring and another 300 in autumn. After the initial task of pulling the fallen trees out of the forest, it was later important to fell the trees whose tops had broken off. “Otherwise, we would have had problems with the bark beetle,” Klaus explains.

“At least we didn’t need a gym this year,” he laughs – especially since they were closed for a while anyway. As much as Walter, Klaus and Benjamin have enjoyed the work – they can hardly wait to turn back to normal life again. All three agree: “We are looking forward to taking care of our guests again in 2021 – even if our toned muscles will slacken a bit.”

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