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Hotel Ganischgerhof Deutschnofen Dolomiten Südtirol

Five establishments. Four brothers. Three generations.

The family Pichler is working with full passion in the Ganis world – for a holiday of unlimited possibilities.



„It’s a paradise“, says Klaus while watching from the Baita Gardoné to the impressive landscapes of the Dolomites, which frames the “Mountain Riviera” from all sides. Klaus whirls here day in and day out and is always there for his guests. The atmosphere here is as special as the culinary offer.

Since 2007 he is been around in the Gardoné, ensuring that guests get everything they need.

The Fiorentina-Steak here is simply a dream, as is the beef tartare made by Klaus himself. An insider tip, however, is the shrimp platter. “It is deliberately not on the menu,” says Klaus with a wink – and knows about the effect that secrets usually have…

The fact that Klaus always has the best olive oil with him, that he knows wine very well, that on the Gardoné not only food but also a glass of prosecco or champagne is a must for many – all of these are now also open secrets. Here on the Gardoné. Pardon, here in paradise.


The big heart on the roof of the Ganischgeralm, shows not only the passion that Georg puts in this business, but also the fact that the Ganischgeralm is in the heart of this region.

“There is always something going on here,” says Georg, who is actively supported by his nephew Benjamin and his father Walter. And that is also necessary, because here the chicken and pork knuckle sizzle on the grill, here is one of the most popular places for a lunch break, which in addition to fast but always high-quality dishes, also has some highlights ready. “Our Chef makes the best Bolognese sauce in the whole area,” reveals Georg – and if you want it exclusively, just try the legendary veal knuckle.

Aprés ski has long been legendary on the Ganischgeralm when Georg as “DJ Schicky” pays on the turntable, the booth gets packed and the fun atmosphere ensures unforgettable vacation moments.

LOOX und Platzl

When Markus works behind the counter at LOOX, you can see how proud he is about the place. The pride in having consistently thought through and realized an idea. The LOOX is not only an architectural eye-catcher, but has developed into a real in-location since the opening in December.

“The fact that LOOX should not only be an après-ski bar, but also a cool club – and it has had a huge appeal for both holidaymakers and locals right from the start. Nice sound, cheerful people, cool drinks create the mood to end a day of skiing or simply to go out again in the evening.

In addition to the LOOX, Markus also ensures that the location next door in Platzl runs. The wheels don’t stand still here either. Almost everyone knows that the pizza here is amazing. The menu offers a great selection of delicious creations. And the outdoor bar with the imposing Latemar massif in the background also helps to make Markus even prouder.


“A family business only works if everyone in the family pulls together,” says Andreas. The Ganischgerhof is the place from which the Ganis world emerged and it is the place where the whole family comes together. The breakfast together every Monday is part of the Pichler family’s tradition. At the large table in the Stube everyone sits together, makes plans, looks for solutions together when things get stuck – and laughs together.

“This is very important and valuable time,” say all of the Pichler Family in unison, especially since time is limited if you have the claim to give all guests unforgettable days and are always looking for new ideas.

And senior boss Leni, who otherwise always ensures that nothing is missing from the breakfast buffet in the Ganischgerhof, is also happy when she can lean back. And together with her husband Walter and their sons, they can take advantage of what the guests are pampered with every day: plenty of culinary delights.

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