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mmhhh yummy!

Pancakes à la daddy Markus

Breakfast at home is rare for Markus. But when it happens, his boys grab the opportunity – for pancakes. How to prepare them? Here’s how they do it:

To have breakfast calmly during normal weekdays is a rare experience for Markus and his family – normally duty calls and they don’t have so much time together. But now, Markus has no excuse and he’s glad to make the culinary wish of his sons come true: making altogether homemade pancakes! So easy! And sooo delicious! And by the way: here we have the proof that sometimes too many cooks DON’T spoil the broth!

Family – time. That’s what is missing out often in the daily life of a gastronome. Someone like Markus, who pulls the strings at Platzl at Obereggen and additionally has to establish such a big project as LOOX, must be able to juggle different balls simultaneously. And, to be true, we all know it from our own daily life: in the morning, where everyone is in a hurry to leave the house on time, breakfast is something that must be quick.

But these days things are totally different: “We try to deliberately take time to enjoy breakfasts at home together”, says Markus – obviously he knows, that Platzl and LOOX are going to challenge him again soon.

Right know with Markus and his boys pancakes are popular. They’re easy to prepare. And extremely good. And a fun activity! And dishes which get cooked together notoriously taste the best if they get enjoyed together as well. The three boys show you step by step how they prepare their pancakes:

That’s what we need: 150 g flour, 150 ml milk, 3 eggs, 2 tbsp of sugar, 1 spoonful of baking powder, 1 pinch of salt

  • separate the eggs
  • whip up the egg whites until stiff. Mix the other ingredients into a smooth batter
  • slowly stir in the beaten egg white. Leave the batter to rest.
  • pour the batter into a pan
  • bake golden-yellow on both sides
  • mmhhh yummyyy!
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