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Hotel Ganischgerhof Deutschnofen Dolomiten Südtirol

Our top 5 experiences for your summer holiday 2022 in South Tyrol

Sitting on a green meadow and being spoiled by warm sun rays, looking at the Catinaccio, UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site of the Dolomites – this is where dreams come true: in South Tyrol, the perfect place for your summer holiday 2022!

To make it even more unforgettable, we have a few tips from real locals ready for you to discover the hidden natural wonders of South Tyrol. During your summer holiday you can watch the sunrise from the top of the Latemar or discover the plants and flowers that grow on the green hillsides of South Tyrol’s sunniest valley, the Eggental. In the evening, don’t miss the natural spectacle of the Enrosadira, a phenomenon that bathes the entire Catinaccio in a beautiful pink. And afterwards, it’s worth taking a look at the sky at night: if you look closely, you can even see the Milky Way! To get to know various constellations even better, a trip to the Max Valier observatory is just the thing for you. You can try out these and many other exciting activities in South Tyrol in the summer of 2022: hiking in the Dolomites, conquering via ferratas, scouting out e-bike tours, golfing, horseback riding…. You are spoilt for choice! There is something for everyone in the family here!

From early morning to late at night, the Eggental Valley in South Tyrol will delight you with its unforgettable views, and the Hotel Ganischgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA is certainly an ideal starting point for everything that awaits you here – the hotel is ideally located near many hiking and cycling trails, surrounded by green hills and topped by an incredible view of the Dolomites. We can’t tell you that you will feel at home, because it will be even better!

1. The sunrise hike: an experience for body and soul

The alarm rings very early for the sunrise hike, but we promise that this experience is worth every minute of sleep you sacrifice for it! Together with Georg, we head up the Latemar to admire the unique moment when the first rays of sunlight find a gap between the peaks and shine on the surrounding mountain landscape. A short hike through dew-damp alpine meadows is all it takes to reach the panoramic viewpoint – the beauty of nature and the deep silence are a real treat for body and soul. And that is just one of the unforgettable moments that the Ganis world has to offer!
But the best is yet to come: after a hike of about one hour, a rich breakfast with typical South Tyrolean products awaits you at the Ganischgeralm. Fill up with positive energy for a good start to a new day of your holidays!

2. Discovering plants and flowers

Speaking of wild plants and medicinal herbs: whether sage, daisies or fir tips – our herb expert and hiking guide Irene knows every herb (and weed!). Speaking of wild and medicinal herbs: whether sage, daisies or fir tips – our herb witch and hiking guide Irene knows every herb and herbaceous plant. During a leisurely hike, she reveals the best recipes with fresh nettles and informs about the healing effects of the alpine arnica flower. You also have the chance to ask the expert all kinds of questions and learn a lot of interesting facts about the flora of our region. Did you know, for example, that there are 84 protected plant species in South Tyrol and that each person is allowed to collect a maximum of 10 flowering stems of other wild plants per day? No? Then you must not miss the natural excursion with Irene!

3. Enrosadira: wenn die Berge in sattem rosarot erstrahlen

On the peaks of the Dolomites that surround the Ganischgerhof, you can admire one of the most beautiful and impressive phenomena of these mountains: the Enrosadira. This phenomenon, which can be observed at sunrise or sunset, takes its name from the Ladin language spoken in some valleys of South Tyrol, and comes from “rosadüra” or “enrosadöra”, which literally means “to turn pink”. According to the legend, the mountain peaks of the Catinaccio shine in this magical pink at sunset because of the many roses in King Laurin’s garden. It is said that one day the prince of Latemar, fascinated by the sight of the glowing roses in King Laurin’s kingdom, made his way there, saw his daughter Ladina, fell in love with her and kidnapped her to make her his bride. In his despair, King Laurin placed a curse on the rose garden that betrayed the secret position of his kingdom: no human eye would ever be able to admire it again, neither by day nor by night. However, Laurin forgot about dawn and dusk, so that even today, at these two times of day, the garden and its rich pink become visible and enchant the spectators.

Scientifically, although less poetically, these differences in colour are due to the position of the sun and the type of rock on which the sun’s rays are reflected: the rock faces of the Dolomites contain dolomite, a compound of calcium carbonate and magnesium that gives the rock its pink-orange colour.

To enjoy this phenomenon, there is no better place than the terrace of the Ganischgerhof, from which you can admire the entire Catinaccio and the Latemar! And how about a cocktail reminiscent of the same pink tones as the Enrosadira to make this experience even more special?

4. A glance at the sky

n the evening, when everything is quiet, you should let your gaze wander to the stars: the sky in South Tyrol, far away from the light pollution of the cities, will leave you speechless! The Milky Way and the constellations can be admired from a particularly suitable viewpoint: the Max Valier Observatory in Eggental Valley, just a few minutes’ drive from the Ganischgerhof. The observatory organises weekly guided tours where you can discover the secrets of the galaxy and take a trip through space to Mars or Saturn thanks to the planetarium. A curiosity: there is also a solar observatory that can be visited during the day!

5. On two wheels around the Latemar!

Among all the different sporting activities in Eggental Valley, mountain biking is our favourite! The tours wind over passes and through valleys, there is something for every level of difficulty: whether on a road bike or an E-bike, South Tyrol is the perfect destination for an experience on two wheels.

One of our favourite routes is definitely the tour around the Latemar or “Latemar Ronda”: it is suitable for beginners as well as for families and offers breathtaking views. But watch out, make sure you do the route clockwise! The tour takes a whole day and you can start in Nova Levante, Carezza or Obereggen. To reach the highest point, 2,175 m on the Passo Feudo, a stop on the Gardonè to recharge your batteries is a must! With our Ganis 3/4 Board Plus +, all meals, whether lunch or just a snack, are included either in the hotel as well as in the huts on the Latemar, so you can experience real holiday delights “as you like it”.

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