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Hotel Ganischgerhof Deutschnofen Dolomiten Südtirol

Our top 10 tips for the perfect summer holiday in South Tyrol

Finally Summer! Finally a holiday! Finally South Tyrol! You definitely deserve the best days of the year. And we promise you that your holiday in South Tyrol this summer will be unforgettable. For this purpose, we have collected our ten best insider tips here.

We have the most beautiful mountains, the best wine and the best weather. That’s not what we say about ourselves, but what our guests who spend their holidays in South Tyrol say. Summer in the Dolomites – that is something very special. Anyone planning a summer holiday in South Tyrol in 2021 will be spoilt for choice from a wide range of leisure activities. When the days are long, there are almost inexhaustible possibilities for making the most of these days. Whether watching the Dolomites turn red at sunrise or sunset. Whether hiking or e-biking to feel the mountains up close. Whether swimming in one of the idyllic South Tyrolean lakes or strolling in Bolzano. Or while savouring and exploring the many culinary delicacies from South Tyrol. The 4-star superior Hotel Ganischgerhof in Nova Ponente in the Eggental Valley is in all cases the ideal starting point and centrally located for an active – relaxed summer holiday in South Tyrol 2021 in the Dolomites. No matter what you like to do during your summer holiday in South Tyrol 2021, here you will find the right ideas for your perfect summer getaway.

1. The sunniest place in South Tyrol

The Ganischgerhof is spoiled by the sun. We readily admit that this is generally true for South Tyrol and is one of the main reasons for many holidaymakers to drive over the Brenner Pass. But here in Nova Ponente there is particularly much sun. The centre of the village is at an altitude of 1350 metres – and when it has long been shady in the valleys, you can enjoy brilliant weather here from sunrise to sunset, watching from our terrace as the Rosengarten turns into its legendary red light in the morning and evening.

Photos: IDM South Tyrol – Alex Moling, Helmut Rier

2. A delight for the palate

South Tyrol stands for pleasure like no other region. On the one hand, we have a huge density of Michelin star restaurants – and on the other, very traditional dishes such as dumplings or Kaiserschmarrn. Here, even apparently simple dishes are prepared with great attention to detail and with regional ingredients. Of course, this also applies to the culinary delights at the Ganischgerhof. Our chef has already cooked his way into the hearts of many of our guests – and is also happy to reveal a few of his secret tips – so that you know how to conjure up perfect South Tyrolean dumplings at home, too. Whatever you prefer on your summer holiday in South Tyrol: you benefit in the Ganis World from our 3/4 board Plus+. This allows you to indulge to your heart’s desire in all our establishments, in the Platzl, on the Ganischgeralm and at the Baita Gardoné – and without having to pay extra.

Photos: IDM South Tyrol – Andreas Mierswa, Marion Lafogler

3. E-Mountain biking in South Tyrol

Cycling is one of the mega trends for active holidaymakers. Around Nova Ponente there is a true mountain bike paradise that is particularly easy to explore for e-bikers. Forest paths wind from alp to alp and make both beginners and pleasure bikers happy, while numerous trails serve the fun fraction. Our highlight: the tour around the Latemar, which offers an unforgettable experience on different variants for bikers of all levels. If you arrive without a bike or want to try out a new one, our e-bike rental partner in Obereggen has plenty to offer.

4. Take a swim in the lake of Caldaro, in the lake of Montiggl or in the pond of Fiè

Everyone probably knows the lake of Caldaro. It is simply beautiful and the warmest bathing lake in the Alps. Only a few kilometres away, the Lake of Montiggl used to be a real insider tip. In the meantime, however, summer life is in full swing there, too. For those who like it a bit quieter and cooler, the pond in Fiè is a bathing lake that can hardly be surpassed in terms of South Tyrolean idyll. Wherever you go: at least one day at the lake should be part of your summer holiday in South Tyrol in 2021.

Photos: IDM South Tyrol – Hemuth Rier, Alex Filz

5. A hiking paradise

Feeling the wonderful mountain landscape up close – there’s no better way to do that than by hiking. And the most beautiful tours in the South Tyrolean Dolomites can be made starting from the Ganischgerhof. Either an enjoyable and easy walk across the alpine pastures around Nova Ponente or via the “Gamsstallscharte” to the “torre di pisa” for those who prefer long tours with easy climbs. Our list of highlights that will make your summer holiday in South Tyrol in 2021 unforgettable is long: for example, the Rosengarten tour over the Vaiolon Pass, the Sassolungo tour with the Comici hut on the legendary Sella massif, a tour to the pilgrimage site Maria Weißenstein or into the Grand Canyon of South Tyrol, the Bletterbach gorge. Hikers find themselves in the land of unlimited possibilities.

6. "Raffeiner Orchideenwelt"

South Tyrol has over 300 days of sunshine – and in a very special gem in Gargazon it even offers a tropical touch. Valtl Raffeiner realised many years ago that orchids thrive particularly well in the climate south of the Brenner Pass. But if you think that “Raffeiner’s Orchideenwelt” is only about admiring plants, you are wrong. Here you can explore nature with all your senses: Plants, aquatic animals, butterflies and much more. And above all, if you are on a summer holiday with children, you will take home an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

7. Dolce Vita in the provincial capital Bolzano

South Tyrol’s capital is only a 15-minute drive from the Ganischgerhof. This is where South Tyrol meets Italy, where contrasts come together and where life is good. Dolce Vita in Bolzano – that is as much a part of a South Tyrolean summer holiday as the mountains. Our tip: After an ice cream from Avalon, go for an aperitif to the fish benches, where ” to see and to be seen” is the motto. And of course stroll through the arcades and be inspired to shop. A visit to the Ötzi Museum is also well worth it in the event of rain. Although that hardly ever happens here.

Photos: IDM South Tyrol – Alex Filz

8. Latemarium in Obereggen in the Eggental Valley

If you are on a summer holiday with children in South Tyrol, you will find a unique collection for explorers, adventurers and connoisseurs in the Latemarium adventure world at the foot of the Latemar. A total of 12 different themed trails and attractions for young and old await here in the hiking area of Obereggen. Among others, the Latemar.Alp with the “Eye of the Dolomites”, the Latemar.Art or the Latemar.Meteo, which invites you to research and discover all about meteorology and geodynamics with interactive stations. The whole project is sustainably integrated into nature and reflects the way of life of the land and people here in the Eggental Valley. The Latemarium is definitely a mandatory visit during your summer holiday in South Tyrol in 2021 – and also interesting for all those who go on holiday without children.

9. Perhaps the best cheese in the world

At the Ganis World, we attach great importance to knowing our suppliers – this applies especially to the food that Ganischgerhof guests can enjoy. That’s why you’ll find cheese from the Learner farm cheesery at the buffet, which is located one kilometre from the centre of Nova Ponente. Grass grows here on 45 hectares, feeding the 30 dairy cows of the South Tyrolean Grey cattle breed, which in turn provide the milk for the Learner cheese. All this guarantees 100 percent taste. And if you don’t get enough: a visit to the farm cheesery is worthwhile, not only to buy cheese to take home, but also to have a look behind the scenes of cheese production.

Photos: Farm cheesery Learnerhof, Nova Ponente

10. Rosadira

The Ganischgerhof and the gastronomic operations of the Ganis World are run by four brothers. One of them is Georg, who particularly delights hikers and early risers. While almost everyone in the hotel is still asleep, Georg offers a sunrise tour once a week. Either on the Ganischgeralm or on the summit of the Weißhorn you can marvel at what we here call Rosadira: when the Rosengarten and Latemar are coloured by the light of the rising sun. But late risers don’t miss out on this: The natural spectacle can also and especially be seen at sunset – for example during a sunset hike in Obereggen on the Latemar. If you end the evening at the LOOX, you also have a chance of meeting Georg there. He is not only an enthusiastic hiker, but also a passionate DJ.

Photos: IDM South Tyrol – Valentin Pardeller, Marion Lafogler

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